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    Tert-Butyl Peroxy-2-Ethylhexanoate

    Tert-Butyl Peroxy-2-Ethylhexanoate

    Chemical Name: Tert-Butyl Peroxy-2-Ethylhexanoate

    Alias: TBPO, TBPEH

    CAS No.: 3006-82-4

    Molecular formula: C12H24O3

    Molecular weight: 216.3


    Brief Introduction: SF-O is a colorless, transparent liquid, is an ester of organic peroxides. Widely used as the initiator for the polymerization of polyolefin, methyl acrylate and acrylic monomers, can also be used in rubber and paint industry.


    Appearance Colorless liquid
    Assay(%) Min. 98.0
    Active Oxygen(%) Min. 7.26
    Content of TBHP(%) Max. 0.10


    State Liquid
    Density(g/cm3) ~0.900
    Freezing Point(°C) -30
    Active Oxygen(%) 7.41

    Safety Data:

    SADT(°C) 35
    Alarm Temp.(°C) 25
    UN No. 3113
    CN No. 52067

    Half Life Data:

    Activation energy Ea(KJ/mole) 124.90
    Half-life temperature of 10hours(°C) 72
    Half-life temperature of 1hour(°C) 91
    Half-life temperature of 0.1hour(°C) 113

    Solubility: Soluble in satruated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons, insoluble in water.

    Package: 20kg, PE bucket packaging.

    Storage: Stored below 20°C, in cold storage.

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