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    Dilauroyl Peroxide

    Dilauroyl Peroxide

    Chemical Name: Dilauroyl Peroxide

    Alias: LPO

    CAS No.: 105-74-8

    Molecular formula: C24H46O4

    Molecular weight: 398.6


    Brief Introduction: SF-LPO is a white powder, mainly used as the initiator for the (co)polymerization of ethylene, styrene, vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride, acrylate and methyl acrylate.


    Appearance White powder
    Assay(%) Min. 99.0
    Active Oxygen(%) Min. 3.97


    State Powder
    Density(g/cm3) ~1.025
    Melting point(°C) 54
    Active Oxygen(%) 4.01

    Safety Data:

    SADT(°C) 50
    Alarm Temp.(°C) 45
    UN No. 3118
    CN No. 52044

    Half Life Data:

    Activation energy Ea(KJ/mole) 123.37
    Half-life temperature of 10hours(°C) 61
    Half-life temperature of 1hour(°C) 79
    Half-life temperature of 0.1hour(°C) 99

    Solubility: Partly soluble in toluene, pure n-hexane, insoluble in water.

    Package: 20kg, PE bucket packaging.

    Storage: Stored below 30°C, in a cool and ventilated place.

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